Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia?

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Although repulsed with staggering losses, the offensive made the war seem unwinnable. American discontent with the war, which had been rising, surged. Johnson renounced reelection, restricted bombing of the North, and began negotiations. His successor, Richard Nixon, withdrew troops while continuing negotiations and attacking enemy bases in Laos and Cambodia.

Nixon crushed a second major offensive in the spring of ; bombed North Vietnam; and mined its Haiphong harbor. Negotiations neared a settlement in the fall but broke down. After massive bombing of the North, talks resumed, producing a cease-fire in January America's war, which had cost some 58, dead, was over. Abandoned by America, South Vietnam fell in For the first time, America had lost a war--a war that had divided the country, inflicted traumatizing casualties, and wrecked America's army. A sense of defeat, disillusion, futility, and revulsion for foreign wars lingered.

Most Americans came to believe that Vietnam was a war America should have avoided yet could have won, but for constraints on the military. Given Cold War realities, he maintains, "the United States was justified in waging a limited war to defend South Vietnam and its neighbors" against the communists. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. You have to understand the context.

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Anybody who didn't grow up in Washington D. It's a little discouraging to be sort of heralded by Nazi Polish skinheads because they think "Guilty Of Being White" is such a great song, a great anthem for the white man.

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Knowing those lyrics are being posted on some Aryan Nation web site is discouraging, but life has that aspect to it. It's absurd. I never would have thought it. The same way, I think it's discouraging that there are kids cutting up other people for smoking cigarettes. That's totally ridiculous. If somebody is actually interested in my lyrics, I'm happy to explain what I intended. But I cannot control those lyrics. They're not mine. They're out there…. Creem's office was in Birmingham, a lily-white defacto segregated suburb.

It's perfectly safe for white posters on this thread to say "oh but look at how he's lived his life, he's changed". It's not safe for me. That's part of what goes into being a member of a group targeted by racism and something that I don't feel some of you really understand. Slayer: two Latinos and a Jew Kerry King. Granted, the other guy is about as Aryan as you can get and is obsessed with Nazi imagery, but what are you gonna do.

Very true, and Cubans of a certain generation are obsessed with whiteness: they're white, while Latin and most South Americans i. I think what Bangs represents - and to an extent Smith Patti as well - is that shift from '60s Civil Rights idealism to '70s cynicism, if not outright nihilism. By the '80s we'd reached what I'd consider a sort of detente, with plenty of idealism and cynicism in equal measure, which may be why there currently seems to be little rhyme or reason behind when or why the n-word is evoked explicit racism aside. It's like n-word entropy.

There's an interesting parallel thread of discourse to this thread about the use of racially-charged imagery, why it happens and how that affects your audience. Several years later circa , I got into them via Peepshow and Tinderbox but still refused to go back into their back catalog aside from Hyaena , lol Cure fanboy , mostly because of the swastika thing and what I thought I'd find there.

I didn't know anything about their musical career or how frankly awesome it was until after ILX was in full swing, maybe circa ? And it was primarily because she was running around wearing a swastika.

The mission, of course, was to do just that. Oversocialized leftists have long argued against negation as a tool to change the world: "Sure, you're disrupting things," they say, "but what's your program? Punk codified the art of "not-niceness.

Cambodian Street Food - GIANT GRILLED SQUID and MEAT MARATHON in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

He considered the paintings, "a closet Nazi detector," exposing those who most loudly objected as repressing their own authoritarian tendencies "I always thought that to conquer evil," he says, "you have to make love to it". There's kind of a blatant blind spot in your head if you don't notice that your fuck off to the WWII generation is also a fuck off to every non-white, Jewish and gay person around you, plus it shows a very strong social privilege that the people doing it probably weren't even aware of. Well, yes, I'm not arguing with that, but I don't think any of the brit class of '77 were sophisticated enough to even think of issues like that.

There's kind of a blatant blind spot in your head if you don't notice that your fuck off to the WWII generation is also a fuck off to every non-white, Jewish and gay person around you.

White musicians and "artistic" use of the N-word: A Discussion and Social History

This is some hot button shit, for sure, but calling Ian MacKaye a worthless piece of shit is fucking wrong and crazy. They only ever played benefit shows in Washington, D. As for "when I was growing up, most of his fans that I met were racists" , we had very different experiences. There are plenty of people who support good causes who are worthless pieces of shit.

Ian MacKaye is one of them. Good on him for doing some good in this world, now take some responsibility for being a hate-inspiring prick. Hong Kong - German and Israeli diplomats have lashed out at a Hong Kong fashion company for using swastikas and other Nazi party symbols in a clothing line and to decorate its chain of stores. Pretty much. You'd have to have a HUGE campaign to disassociate the two things in the minds of the general public, plus regardless of intentions it would certainly meet with gnashing of teeth from ADL and the like.

Money , Wednesday, 23 June nine years ago link. Becky: I don't know anything about you and can't make any assumptions about you or your background. Understand that as a black kid growing up in a relatively rural part of the Twin Cities area, Minor Threat exposure carried with it a certain set of ugly baggage that I refuse to ignore. I acknowledge that context can change meaning; my argument is that MacKaye has clearly seen how taking his stuff out of IMO a barely if at all defensible context has resulted in some ugly shit that I believe deserves a stronger repudiation than anything he has done, especially given his standing.

The fact that he is the type of artist who refuses to do such a thing is what makes me say he is a worthless piece of shit. Not to be all Spiderman or anything but with any measure of power which he undeniably has wielded throughout his career; every successful person gains power and influence and their words and actions have larger consequences the more successful and powerful they become comes an equal measure of responsibility.

He's done good things in the intervening years but his entire oeuvre ties into his power and influence and I don't think "people just didn't understand" is an adequate-enough acknowledgment of responsibility given how powerful he is. Don't worry though, if the girl actually had been gang raped during or after the show, Ian would have expressed half-assed regret over his word-choice 30 years later, but stood by what he said given its context.

I haven't listened to it yet so I don't know if the "obviously the comment comes across completely differently if you grew up in DC" joke I want to make would make sense. Well, you know, in the DC public schools they spent way too much time talking about women and rape and all those Queens. I kinda talked about this way upthread: there is nobody on earth who has ever not given a fuck who they were offending, or offended everyone equally. There is always someone you are leaving out and privileging because their identity is not really offendable. So when you reach for racial slurs or swastikas or sexism as ways of being cretinous, misanthropic, and antisocial, or just conveying that you don't give a shit, you absolutely give a fuck who you are offending , because you are reaching directly for the most potent offenses against people who aren't like you and whom you're cutting out of your area.

You're creating a boundary line of who's "inside" and who's "outside" the offense, and you're specifically announcing who you're fine with being outside.

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I mean, even if you take punk's WWII stuff as saying "fuck you, dad " -- that is drawing a line between you and "dad," right? You're always drawing a line, there's no such thing as "we're cruel to everyone. Christ, I don't know - this is some complicated shit. But hearing him on that Minor Threat tape is really awful. It's all very difficult to reconcile. Oh, and Hi Dere - I definitely appreciate where you're coming from, and I think ultimately my problem is literally just with the term "worthless piece of shit," which my bleeding heart finds unpalatable re: any human being.

I can respect that; "worthless piece of shit" is intentional hyperbole although, paradoxically, I do wholeheartedly mean it; life is difficult to reconcile! I recognize that MacKaye's actions at the beginning of his career are the sum totality of his career. However, I do think they taint the rest of his career and, for me anyway, they will continue to do so unless he makes a stronger statement about them than he has to date. BTW, sometimes I wonder, like Like, that's not an impulse I'm holding back because I'm just so stodgy and prissy; it would just never fucking occur to me, unless I was purposefully thinking up the more mortifyingly shitty thing I could possibly do at the moment.

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Like when it's quiet in church and you wonder what would happen if you screamed something really filthy. It would also not occur to me to write certain kinds of songs. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this is not because my parents were strict or I'm repressed or something -- I'm pretty confident that it's just normal.

And yet a lot of artists do stuff like this and then try to explain it like It's a word that still has a lot of power, long after most taboo concepts have been ground down. So it sorta stands there like a mesa in the desert, interesting in a way that's separate from of the ugliness. Swastikas are similar. That fascination draws people towards using it, before they even consider why. They start rationalizing almost immediately, let their rationales shape their song, but doesn't end up burying the cheap impulse that inspired trying the word on for size. They'll heap on the irony, and provide ex post facto explanations, but don't get control over the word, so any ironic meanings sound secondary.

Most times it appears in a song, there's still an air of "I went there. I said it". And it comes off pretty similar to when granddad drops the N-bomb during the holiday dinner and smirks a little to see if anyone is going to call him on it. Country Teasers is better at handling it than most, like a kid who's figured out how to do cool stuff with firecrackers.

Nations that an American Man could Travel and Relocate to – Part 1

They don't smirk at all. But they bug me. I know they're not gonna blow up a squirrel with the firecrackers, but I don't particularly enjoy contemplating blowing up squirrels with firecrackers.

Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia? Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia?
Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia? Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia?
Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia? Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia?
Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia? Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia?
Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia? Cambodia: Uncensored -- Ever wondered about the true Cambodia?

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