How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish

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He encouraged her and gave her tips on how to calm her anxiety down when testing. She took the SAT one time and received the scores she needed to apply to the two schools she always dreamed of going. Also, she got accepted to the Study Abroad program and the Pre-Nursing program.

She will be studying in Italy in January for 4 months!!!! Thank you Dr. Benthall for helping my daughter get to her next level. You are truly amazing and gifted. We appreciate all you have done! Thank you for helping Emily achieve her high goals! Much of that was due to your class. And Evelyn has a younger brother so you will see him at some point down the road as well!

College Board just released my scores this morning. I was aiming for a little higher, but I went back to see my January scores and I had an I made a point increase! The breakdown was reading and math for a point increase over my previous scores. I am very happy with the results as my score improved greatly! Thank you for all the help. Thank you so much for helping me through your techniques and disciplining me to complete my homework.

If it were not for your class I would not have improved so much! Although Reading use to be my weakest point, I was able to get a perfect Reading sub score by using your strategies which greatly improved my speed and concentration. Thank you so much for your help! I strongly believe your course helped her achieve this wonderful score. Thank you so very much. Benthall — I just received my scores from the most recent ACT. My composite was English 31 up 3 points , Math 30 up 5 points , Reading 32 up 1 point and Science 29 up 3 points , and Writing Thank you for all of you help!

I am so pleased with my score and will definitely be recommending your program! Benthall — As you know, SAT scores were released last week. Overall, I was thrilled with my scores. My goal is to bring my score up to a writing , and I am confident I will get there. Thank you so much for all the help and I am so excited about my scores. I got into Duke early decision in the fall and, after a long application process, became a Robertson Scholar at Duke too. This program carries a lot of perks with it, but foremost it gives me a full ride.

I know my success on the SAT helped a ton — thank you! Your course more than paid for itself. Best, Jake. Benthall — I got my scores back and was very pleased. However, College Board decided to waive the fees for the October SAT for those impacted by the misprint, so I will take it again and really focus hard on the reading. Thank you so much for all of your help; my parents and I were both very happy, especially with the math and essay. Your drop box questions dealing with combinatorics, prime factorization, and fractional exponents allowed me to get over the hump and successfully complete the more challenging math problems.

Because of your class, I achieved my goal score of , so now I am eligible to apply for multiple scholarships for which that is the minimum and also for honors colleges and honors programs, particularly at UGA and UF Gainesville. I am at Gov. School for the next two weeks, but when I return, I will be talking to my parents about your upcoming ACT class and will then be in touch with you.

Thank you. Your course really made a difference. Amos was pleased secretly, he wanted to make on math, but he has no room to complain! Again, I really appreciate your support and patience in working with both our children. Hope you have a good rest of the summer.

PSAT Test Taking Tips and Advice

Thanks so much. Here are my scores with the following increases from my PSAT scores from last year: Critical Reading — 60 point increase , Math — point increase , Writing — point increase.

A point total increase! Evann received a composite score of ! Critical Reading- point increase , Math — 70 point increase , Writing — 90 point increase.

Thank you for all your help on the SAT. Your method for writing essays was a big help! The dropbox videos helped us understand the questions we got wrong on the Critical Reading and Math practice. You did an amazing job at tutoring us and teaching us your strategies. We will make sure to recommend your class to our friends and family! This was her first choice for a school and a program.

4 Steps to Improve your ACT Score on September 14th

Many thanks! Benthall — Emily just received her ACT scores. Her English increased from 22 to 30; her Reading increased from 25 to 34; and her Essay increased from 6 to We are very pleased with the results of your prep course and wish we had known about it sooner in the process. Please feel free to use us as a reference — we would highly recommend your program!

October, You must take the PSAT at your high school or one in your community , not at a test center. The test is given in October — in , it will be on Wednesday, October 15, or Saturday, October There is no online registration for the PSAT test, so talk to your school counselor to sign up. Once you know the test date, you can set up a self-paced schedule that lets you prepare for each section, with time to focus extra attention on the subject areas in greatest need of improvement.

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One great way to prepare for any exam is to know the type of material covered and the format in which the questions are presented. They also include exercises that ask you to complete a series of sentences. The PSAT Writing section includes multiple-choice questions covering the fundamentals of grammar, usage, word choice, and organization. Topics include numbers and operations; algebra and functions; geometry and measurement; and statistics, probability, and data analysis. Using the following strategies when taking the test can help you improve your score.

how to improve your speed on the oat and make sure you finish Manual

Sentence Completion exercises test both your vocabulary and reasoning skills. As you scan each sentence, you can try to predict what word would most appropriately fill each blank. Khan Academy is a personalized learning resource with the goal of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy has tons of practice exercises and instructional videos that users can access through a personalized learning dashboard covering a variety of subjects, from Computer Engineering to Macroeconomics to SAT Prep. SAT Test Prep includes eight official, full-length practice tests, s of practice questions, video lessons and tips, a tailored practice plan, and instant feedback.

Founded in , this college admission services company offers a number of resources, including test prep, tutoring, admissions help, and books. In addition to several SAT prep books, they also offer online courses that are more interactive and digestible than their books. You can take a completely self-paced course, an expert-led program, or a personalized private tutoring program. In the Private Tutoring Program, you can work with a one-on-one tutor for 18 hours to build a plan, set goals for yourself, and prepare for the SAT.

The people who create and teach their courses have scored in the 99th percentile or higher on the test they teach. You can choose from several levels of tutoring, based on the amount of instructor involvement in your SAT prep. PrepScholar Classes are ideal if you are looking for more face-to-face time with an instructor; these classes include everything in the SAT Online Prep package plus 18 hours of small group classes based on your pace and level.

The Coaching option allows you to work through the SAT Online Prep course with one-on-one guidance from a tutor for either four, twelve, or fifty hours of individual instruction. Recap: If you are looking for personalized curriculum, lots of video content and practice questions, and the option of working with a tutor, PrepScholar could be a great fit. Leaders in online, video-based test prep since , ePrep offers standardized test tutoring that is both engaging and thorough.

Courses at ePrep are based on their methodology of test, grade, review, repeat. They believe that any student willing to put in the time and effort can improve their test scores. Courses vary in length of access, but each course includes practice tests, video answers to every question, video lessons by subject, and a vocabulary builder. With three Test Date Courses to choose from, you can sign up for a class that gives you Express, Standard, or Premium access to your course materials for two, four, or six months.

SAT READING: DESTROY THE READING SECTION! Tips, Tricks, Strategies for the New SAT Reading Section

Recap: If you are looking for comprehensive, engaging video content to help you prepare for the SAT, ePrep has lots of options to fit your needs. The tutors and curriculum creators at CollegeVine realize that high school students have lots going on, so their programs are designed to maximize study time for optimal score improvement. This allows students to spend time focusing on the key concepts they really need to improve, rather than just re-learning ones they may have already mastered.

Learn More CollegeVine. Magoosh is an education company run by a bunch of self-proclaimed education nerds who want to help students achieve their academic dreams. In addition to test prep courses, they offer several awesome apps, two of which made our list of the 20 Best Self-Guided ACT Resources. The material is very close to the content of the official SAT and is ranked by difficulty so that you can master the basics and move closer to your goal score. You can get access to the course for varying lengths of time, depending on how long you need to prep. All options include email assistance, a seven-day money-back guarantee, and a point score improvement guarantee.

Recap: If you are looking for flexible, video-centric SAT prep, Magoosh has prep that might just be perfect for you.

How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish
How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish
How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish
How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish
How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish How to Improve Your Speed on the PSAT and Make Sure You Finish

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