Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)

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Others would say it is not sounded out twice, so much as drawn out. Sorry if I am overexplaining, but it can be hard to describe the sound if you are not hearing it. Hope this helps and doesnt offend.

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If it helps, her family was from Alfadena, near Rome, I guess? This term means litterally dirty boy or dirty minded boy. I hope these explanations help…. Wagglio—is Neopolitan for young boy.

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And we survived! Mary , taught me about that one when I was young.

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Tom Melchiorre. Can anyone define the word Rogliolental? Hit me up. This is because here in Italia expecially in little towns and there are more little towns than big city here people talk in their dialects.


But can be also that when they live their homeland they dont speak a correct Italian so they can talk only in dialect or broken Italian. Ciao a tutti. Spara shoot you Matzza kill you cachia occhio e ti metto in mano poke out your eyes and put them in your hands colio un colpo scurro get struck by a dark force. Not trying to be vulger, but sincerely interested in my heratige, I was always facinated by what they were saying! Please, anyone who can shed some light on this, please do so! My father told me of a word that my grandfather would call one of his relatives.

Any suggestions?? It sounds like.. Unbelievable that non one knows this…….


Anyone know what that word means? I really appreciate the people logging in here and helping out!! Anyone have any ideas about this? She also used to say. Does any one know what it means? She also said mannaggia alot, among many other things. For Rose regarding scattozza. It is from the verb scattare which means to explode and scattuzo describes someone who flies off the handle and has a hot temper.

I know because it is a nickname of my family. My Grandmother kived on a farm in Colorado and had to go down a gully to a stream to get water. It was a hard job carrying the water up hill. Thank God for all the Italians that came to the U. I heard a lot of these growing up, from my Calabrese family. Phonetically, and over the mists of time:.

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  • Just wondering. My Grandmother used to tell me she would give me a phonetical Sceeyavaroombacha! Any suggestions? So… Im looking for a word that Northern Italians were called. There use to be a Sicilian old woman that lived next to us in Chicago that my Mother use to argue with all the time. My mother was Italian.. She said she was from Northern Italy.

    I have looked in every Italian slang dictionary and cant find a thing like that. My grandfather used to call me and my cousins a word when we were younger, phonetically it sounded like bed-a-be-qua. T grandfather has passed away and we have been trying to figure out the correct spelling and meaning.

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    He was Sicilian if that helps! Ciao ciao. Do you know what is the Sicilian name that sounds phonetically like Cap-ah- show-tie. Name was used years ago by Italians who refered to these people in Sicily who were of a social low economic class. I would appeciate you input on them and their proper name spelling. Hi Tony. But I am not sure it is sicilian, surely is a word quite common in central Italy. Does anyone have any idea? Just wondering what the real word was because this was definitely some dialect..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! So tickled that I found this website! I grew up in an Italian speaking household, and spoke Italian exclusively until I entered kindergarten, and Dad Sicilian and Mom Bolognese had many animated and interesting discussions revolving around Italian pronunciation, as I remember! Of course I absorbed it all. The funny thing is, pretty much all I remember are the swear words that they never wanted me to learn in the first place! Does anyone have experience with that pronunciation, or has my memory distorted it? Thanks for any feedback! I was trying to find the meaning of a word my nana used to say.

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    • Any guesses? My Nonna had many, many things to say, and not all of them so nice!

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      The funniest thing she used to say was actually in broken English. When she was angry with us, for misbehaving, she would usually pick up a big knife or a big wooden spoon or some kind of threatening cooking-related weapon, just to scare us, of course and yell. We would all laugh so hard and of course, she would end up laughing with us, with a silent belly laugh I can never forget. I miss her dearly. Ciao, Mare. I believe that it is Neopolitan dialect , and it means hard headed stubborn — like testa durra.

      Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition) Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)
      Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition) Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)
      Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition) Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)
      Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition) Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)
      Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition) Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)
      Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition) Il Dio dei mafiosi (Italian Edition)

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