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One thought on “When these people look in the mirror they see a monster staring back”

Seven ways to get fit without realising it! Your Story - Comparing yourself.

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Help me out - exercise. Five ways sloths are winning at life! Your Story - Living with coeliac disease. Help me out - eating healthily. Things to think when you look in the mirror! Your Story - Jogging. Help me out - living with an illness. Your Story - My Nana was ill. Why does exercise make you feel good? Help me out - body image. Blue Peter.

Looking in the mirror DOES make you more anxious about your looks

This entry is now closed for comments. Bring them back! Something's gone wrong. Home Menu. Start your search here Love Loved Unlove 6. You can see now in these last two examples that there is also another twist to make compliments not just nice to hear but memorable to the ears of the listener. That they have a unique approach or perspective that is not common to other people. That is not the way I would have considered doing it but it turned out great. If you want to become the kind of person who receives more than their share of empathetic attention, not for your appearance but for your entire personality, work on your complimenting skills.

We revere people who follow the beat of their own drum.

Are you? And how can you break free? How many mirrors are there in your house? I counted every reflecting surface, handheld and wall-mounted, and found 8 in my house. Is that average? Hi Scott. Great article. A lot of this rings true for me.

It makes me feel worthless and not good enough. The thing is, anything that involves talent such as music has the potential to give you a free pass on your looks. But in our modern age, you have an advantage musicians never had before: YouTube, etc. People can hear you play — and see what you look like — before they ever see you live.

And if you create that sound-based connection up front, you get a free pass on your looks on stage. Be open and honest. Drop the filter and show people your insides. Everyone is looking for people who are real, not fake.

We need you!

Be willing to be split open. If you want people to be truly attracted to you for who you are, not how you look, be a compassionate truth-teller. It works for me, and it works for all creative people. I lost 85 lbs and I absolutely hate my new body and my face. I have never wanted plastic surgery and now I do. I should be happy with this. Who is this new person? And then there is the fact that I am regaining my weight and I am angry at myself for that, too.

If I could shake myself I would. I am just lost and hurting. I wish I could reassure you in person. I hope that you can find a professional to help you. It can be really difficult to get our brains out of a discouraging way of thinking, and sometimes it takes another person to help with that.

I actually used to think I was pretty until I saw bad angles of myself. I feel like whenever I look in the mirror, I always look tired. I think I have become very harsh on myself. In my school, I sometimes avoid looking at the mirrors because I feel very ugly. When I feel ugly I become unproductive. I have read your article and it kind of helped me but I feel like I need more help. Do you have any tips for me? Kuma, this is a very heartfelt comment. Thank you for being so honest. Which means that self-judgment is the real culprit, and it seems to be part of the human condition. It affects some of us more than others.

But one of the reasons I keep doing it is that it also removes wrinkles and makes me look a little younger. Our body image is a key aspect of who we are and not something to be dismissed. My biggest tip: If you can find someone you trust to talk to about this, I highly encourage you to do so. In the meantime, I can suggest looking for someone else who you think may be feeling insecure and find words and actions that help them to be more comfortable with who they are.

By providing this kind of support to others, you may find that your own perspective shifts and allows you to see more of the great qualities in yourself. We are multi-dimensional beings, and our physical appearance is just one aspect that affects what others think of us. Based on your thoughtful and self-aware comment, I can tell that you have a lot of intellect to share with the world.


Why Do I Look Different in Pictures? How Mirrors Lie to You

Hi Scott, Thank you so much for this article. I was reading a book about mindfulness techniques and one recommendation was to smile at yourself in the mirror many times a day. I have avoided looking at my face in a mirror for many, many years and I went looking for others who feel the same way.

Look in the Mirror Look in the Mirror
Look in the Mirror Look in the Mirror
Look in the Mirror Look in the Mirror
Look in the Mirror Look in the Mirror
Look in the Mirror Look in the Mirror

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