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If a Title I school is operating a targeted assistance program, the school provides Title I services to children who are failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet challenging State academic standards. Schools in which children from low-income families make up at least 40 percent of enrollment are eligible to use Title I funds to operate schoolwide programs that serve all children in the school in order to raise the achievement of the lowest-achieving students. Contact Us Employment Business Portal. New York State Education Department.

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In addition to Planned Parenthood, numerous grantees and sub-recipient clinics and networks have announced they will no longer use Title X funds Table 1. Only three new grantees were added to the program as of April 1, One of the new grantees is the Obria Group , a Christian organization based in Southern California that does not provide contraceptive services based on religious objections to hormonal contraception, which is a key service that has been provided by Title X clinics, and is still required by the new regulations.

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These new grantees have been awarded a very small portion of the total Title X funds awarded in the states where they are located. Grantees and sites that are leaving the program will try to rely on state funds, reserves, or additional external funding to maintain their ability to serve the same number of individuals, but these funds may not be a replacement for the loss of federal dollars.

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As of August 30, , Hawaii , Illinois , Maryland , Vermont , Washington , Massachusetts , Oregon , California and New York City have made some state or local funding available to replace some of the federal funds, but this may only be a short term solution and it is unclear whether these revenues will be available to compensate providers beyond this year. Currently, 18 of 90 Title X grantees have said they will no longer use Title X funds and more grantees may leave in March when the requirement for complete physical separation from abortion takes effect.

Family planning providers that no longer have Title X support will likely face challenges in meeting the family planning needs of low-income residents in their communities without the federal program funds. This means that clinics may be forced to reduce hours, scale back or cut programs, reduce their stock of costly contraceptives like IUDs and implants, or decrease outreach and education efforts that have been supported by Title X. Many clinics may not be able to sustain their current staff without Title X funds, and could be forced to lay off medical staff, trainers, and educators. In addition, some of the sites may lose their eligibility for discount contraceptives under the B Drug Pricing Program. Historically, Title X funded sites are qualified to participate in this program, which allows clinics to obtain contraceptives and other drugs at considerably lower costs. Title X has been a long-standing program that has offered federal family planning funding to all 50 U.

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There are entire states that are Title X grantees through their health departments or who have a single state-wide grantee that either have formally withdrawn or are in the process of, withdrawing from the Title X program. As of September 20, , Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington will no longer have Title X federally funded family planning clinics Figure 3 , even though some of these states have said they will use state dollars to offset some of the losses of federal funds to the clinics. Planned Parenthood clinics comprise a sizable share of the Title X network in Connecticut, Minnesota, California, and the Northeast that will no longer be participating in the Title X program.

It remains to be seen whether other organizations in these states will be able to absorb new clients and whether the existing sites and grantees will be able to serve the same number of clients with the level of comprehensive quality family planning services that the Title X program has facilitated since its inception in Certain parts of the country are more adversely impacted than others Title X has been a long-standing program that has offered federal family planning funding to all 50 U.

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