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They abused the group and raped the women. The group, then down to 40, was told that a truck would come to send them back. They sobbed, begged, and finally just waited in defeat. Great was their relief when, miraculously, a United Nations truck pulled up and the soldiers were given orders not to send the people back, but to give them food and water. As her father was Thai and she could speak Thai, as well as being smart, Lori had the privilege of working for the camp Commandant General.

She had learned French in school, but France said no to her immigration application, and so did America at first. But Thailand accepted her, so she was moved to a Thai camp. Food was better; they gave her two cans of rice and two fish a day. Lori however was not satisfied to just sit there, waiting like most of the others, and started a weaving business in the camp.

She remained there until her sister, who had escaped earlier and immigrated to Hawaii, sent a letter sponsoring Lori.

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America then accepted her. Once in Hawaii, Lori did not want to hold out her hand to receive benefits.

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Though she did not speak a word of English, she started sewing and made clothes, including Hawaiian shirts that she sold at swap meets determined to provide for her children and give them a good education. But her hardship did not end there. She had a third child, a boy, who appeared to be sick. Lori thinks because of medication that had been administered to her in the Thai camp while unaware she was pregnant. The boy developed seizures and Lori had to helplessly watch him lying in coma until he died at the age of During those years, she and her husband became estranged and later divorced.

One day in , when Lori was taking a day off and relaxing on the beach, she was spotted by her present husband, Jerry Brown, an American who had moved to Hawaii from California.

Jerry had owned several companies and Lori's entrepreneurial spirit struck him. Thanks to his help and encouragement, Lori started a cleaning business, took an accounting course at night school, and became an American citizen.

She was loved and respected by everyone, clients and employees alike. Never forgetting her roots, she hired any Cambodians that entered the country. Happily married for 23 years, Lori and Jerry retired in They travelled the world, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of Lori as a little girl. To date they have visited 33 countries together. She has been back to Cambodia several times, for the first time with her children in , 18 years after she escaped the killing fields with them.

Tay, her daughter, and Tam, her son, are exceedingly proud of their mother.

Both graduated from college and are successful in their careers. Lori and Jerry have spent several winters in Ajijic. While here, Lori sews beautiful dresses for local Mexican children and donates them to Needle Pushers. Lori's courageous journey to freedom ultimately ended thousands of miles from her homeland. Today, even though Cambodia has made immense progress, the scars of the war remain visible.

The country is marked with 30, mass graves, and 40 percent is still covered by land mines. Despite its scars and the past suffering of its population, Cambodia is a beautiful country, with lush green vegetation and great historic sites. And Cambodia's people are friendly and helpful to visitors. Lori is very thankful each day for the freedom she and her two children enjoy.

Her message: "Whatever situation you are in, don't lose hope. What is past is past, don't dwell on it. Focus on the present and look to the future". Rotary Club of Ajijic, A. There will be a complimentary lunch, cash bar and a tour of the grounds. The Mission of Tepehua is in helping a village to help itself. Tepehua Centro Comunitaro AC is committed to providing assistance to families in the Tepehua community of Chapala, one of the poorest in all of Jalisco.

Offering support through education, counseling, nutrition and health with the hope of bringing back independence and self-respect to the people of the village. Any questions please contact Anita Hocker, Club Administrator by emailing her at ganitahocker gmail.

Ever wondered how Rotary Clubs manage to fund the many, sometimes expensive, community projects they are involved in? Of course, they do fundraising like all other on-profit organizations, depending on the generous support of local businesses and lakeside residents, and heavily rely on their members, known as Rotarians, to physically help and spend many hours on projects, using their expertise and talents. But that is not the only way that Rotary Clubs can maintain their local activities.

The Rotary Foundation plays a fundamental part in empowering Rotarians to take action to improve lives in their communities. The Rotary Foundation helps fund the humanitarian activities of the Clubs, from local service projects to global initiatives such as the eradication of polio throughout the world.

However, there are 33, Rotary Clubs worldwide, and to obtain a grant from the Rotary Foundation, a Club has to go through a time-consuming application process, whether or not in partnership matching grant with another Rotary Club. The Foundation is very selective. Its decisions are based on assessed community needs and the commitment of experienced project managers. A thorough review of each application in terms of post-funding sustainability is also part of the process. In adherence to Rotary International standards, projects must be completed on time and within budget. Officials from the Foundation may come to view and inspect a site for themselves.

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The Rotary Club of Ajijic has been serving the community and making a positive difference in the Lake Chapala area since It is very fortunate to have 42 dedicated members composed of Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, and other nationals, who work in Mexico or are retired here. They are leaders, and business or other professionals. Among recently completed projects in the last year or two are:.

A solar energy water and electric system, together with commercial kitchen equipment, at Hope House; Industry-standard woodworking machines and tools for a comprehensive furniture making training program at Hammers;. A solar energy system at Love in Action;. Computer lab equipment and musical instruments at the San Nicholas de Ibarra Secundaria school;.

A potable water facility in Tlachichilco. The Rotary Club of Ajijic is excited to have the following community projects constituting the current project plan, and for which the Club is seeking partners and funding:. Love in Action Facilities Repairs. Maintenance repairs to buildings, and upgrading of kitchen equipment. Humane Education Alliance.

San Juan Cosala Malecon Expansion. Additional recreational facilities.

San Juan Cosala Soccer Sponsorship. Funding to purchase uniforms, shoes, and equipment for the formation of a soccer league.

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  • The Future of Public Hospitals.
  • .
  • Stop Hunger Program. Ajijic Fire Department Equ i pment. Fire trucks, apparatus, personal protection equipment, and an ambulance. Tepehua Young Adult Education. Educational program for drug and violence prevention, and sexual awareness with gender perspective for young adults. Hope House Multi-Sport Field. Building an athletic field where the boys can exercise, learn different sports, and learn how to be team players. The field would also benefit the local village of Ixtlahuacan. Codeni Dance. Workshops for developing dance and music skills, and providing positive alternatives to urban street life and delinquency.

    The program is intended for all youth at risk in Guadalajara and other communities. Outfitting an existing facility with tools for life-skills training purposes. Providing a solar water heating system, a storage shed and tools.

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