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This is where we refuel all the Helicopters before they go offshore. That means plenty of jobs for my kids and my community. Images of refuellers, fishing and hunting in the waterways of One Arm Point, Cape Levique, before helicopter flies out of camera. We chill the gas to degrees, which liquefies it, so we can send it anywhere in the world. These modules are designed to produce over 3 and a half million tonnes of LNG each year. Enough for a city as big as Hong Kong.

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Chefs in morning meetings, intercut with shots of people eating and the Prelude kitchen cooking meals. Prelude is just not a gas plant. Man strikes golf ball in simulator, shots of people working out at gym and sunrise as people do a yoga class on the Prelude helideck.

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Now Prelude is the biggest offshore facility in the world. But it also takes a huge onshore team to make it possible. Activity Darwin supply base, trucks arriving, people moving about, packing boxes, driving forklift trucks. Crates being loaded onto vessel at Port of Darwin. From safety equipment to electrical gear, anything that goes to Prelude comes through this supply base.

Our job is to look after the environment for generations to come.

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Workers in office, at computers, having meetings, and two-way conferences with Prelude offshore. We call this the CWE. Some people call it the Starship Enterprise.

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You probably get better internet speeds out there, than you do back at home. Thanks for stopping over. Mark turns and walks away. Fade to black.

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This shipment will be delivered by the Valencia Knutsen to customers in Asia. Discover which contractors are working at Prelude and where your business fits into the supply chain. Shell has developed a revolutionary floating liquefied natural gas facility, Prelude, to access offshore gas fields otherwise too costly or difficult to develop.

The Prelude FLNG project has reached a major milestone, leaving the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje, South Korea and starting its journey to North West Australia where the next phase of the project, hook up and commissioning, will commence. Proud to be Prelude. The cell is shaped like a tall coffin, the enormous vaulting covered with dust, the window small.

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In front of the window are orange trees, palms, cypresses; opposite the window is my camp-bed under a Moorish filigree rose-window. Close to the bed is an old square grubby box which I can scarcely use for writing on, with a leaden candlestick a great luxury here and a little candle. In short, I am writing to you from a queer place. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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