Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional

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Thursdays and Fridays, I fast from six to six.

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I can hear it vividly! I can sense it. Similarly to Emmanuel, Asamoah became committed by dedicating greater portions of his daily routines to relatively fixed devotional practices, establishing habits that lasted and today allow him to live in the world without belonging to it. This state of partial alienation has been achieved not through monastic seclusion, but by taming the contingencies of the everyday through a mix of rule-governed behaviour and a cultivated sensibility to the Holy Spirit, understood as an active and malleable expression of the will of God. Asamoah mentioned the spiritual exercise called quiet time.

Scripture Union was probably the first institution to introduce in Ghana this mix of silent prayer, Bible reading and meditation, and inner testimony, whereby converts activate and cultivate their personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. The result of periodic quiet times is the capacity to hear God during the performance and the everyday, a phenomenon that assumes various somatic forms, always condensed phonocentrically around speaking and hearing. One hears God through audible revelations, but also through visions, dreams, and inner prompts to do certain things and to refrain from others.

Prayerfulness in Ghanaian popular literature. Scripture Union also encourages its pupils to keep a quiet time log, which Asamoah still does, where they are supposed to register date, time, scriptures read, and revelations received. Those can be highly formalized, as in Figure 2 , or any regular notebook. Scripture Union's quiet time logbook. New York : New Press. The notion of praying about a revelation in order to receive more revelations exemplifies well how the cyclical temporality of habit can be catalysed, instead of interrupted, by charisma.

Asamoah also called attention above to the importance of fasting. Continuing with our talk, Asamoah revealed that he spent six years of his born-again life without speaking in tongues. As it tends to be the case, it was through fasting that he received his Holy Ghost baptism with the evidence of tongues: For about six years I was serious in Christ.

I was having personal revelations, but I was not speaking in tongues. One day, at church, I learned that some Christian brothers had a place where they went to pray. I told them: why not? We all went to the place. We left on Thursday and stayed until Sunday.

Sons of the King Daily Devotionals

Only prayer and fasting. After that my prayer life improved day by day. This phenomenon testifies to how global Pentecostalism travels not only through prayer techniques, but also through the frames of recognition that follow these practices, that is, through forms of metapragmatic awareness Verschueren Verschueren, Jef. Through fasting, Asamoah was yielding to the Spirit. He was displaying concretely his desire to speak in tongues by offering himself sacrificially to God, who eventually attended his calls.

One cannot produce a spiritual gift, a grace or a miracle, since these are all freely given by God, but one can yield to them or accept them, since submission is required to actualize divine promises.


That is how Abanawa, a lay leader at Lighthouse Chapel International, narrated quite unashamedly how he literally learned how to speak in tongues: It was five years ago. We were four or five.

Our pastor taught us about the Holy Ghost baptism. We also had the desire to receive it and he prayed for us and by faith we spoke in tongues. What does it mean? Well, I just spoke out of faith. It's not that something spectacular happened to me or I felt something unusual. This might happen, but it was not the case. I just spoke out because I saw the pastor speaking. It's like a baby. As the baby is growing, he will hear the parent talking and he will imitate.

We do the same. The pastor was like my father in church.

Lecture: Curry Blake on Prayers of Faith

I also desired the gift, and he taught us about the gift and prayed for us. So I spoke out of faith. Then it grows, like with the baby.

Joseph S. Carroll

It becomes more elaborate. You realize that this thing is real. At the beginning it was out of faith, but later I realized this is something supernatural. Once the gift is activated, it literally grows, both materially and spiritually. Like prayer addict Emmanuel and tongues emulator Abanawa, Amorine was unconcerned with mystifying charismatic piety in order to assert its authenticity. But why do charismatics pray in tongues? Manual of Ethnography.

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Meyer , — London : Palgrave Macmillan. Phenomenology of Perception. Whereas quiet time indeed coordinates dialogue and communion in more intimate and discernible ways, through a dialogical emphasis on hearing God and feelings of tranquillity, glossolalia seems to implode any possible distinction between participant roles, since the Holy Spirit is directing the vessel as she prays De Certeau De Certeau, Michel.

In consonance, the affective intensities and moral moods Throop Throop, Jason.

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This simultaneously charismatic, pneumatic, and embodied perspective on language helps us clarify why almost all my interlocutors pointed to a main factor when it came to justify how the gift of tongues has made them more prayerful: glossolalia increases the length of prayer. This athletic concern with duration appears quite explicitly in the testimony of Love, a member of the small Compassion Ministries, in the neighbourhood of Darkuman: Before, when I prayed only in my own words, I was just waking up, thanking God, and moving on with the day.

Then I made a target to pray for twenty minutes. After that, I moved to thirty minutes, but I could not grow anymore. I used to get tired. I started repeating myself. After I received the tongues, I was praying for at least one hour. This became a rule. In the morning, during my devotion, I want to pray in tongues for at least one hour. I read a K. Price book [American minister], where he talks about this.

Day 61 – Jesus Sends Out His Twelve Apostles

I called people and asked them: what are your problems? Let me pray for you.

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I wrote the names down in a notebook, with their specific problems.

Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional
Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional
Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional
Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional
Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional
Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional
Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional Reflections on Faith & Prayer: A 61-Day Devotional

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