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You can follow Lo on Twitter and Instagram daddyiwantthis. My mom and I have always been close. She is a single parent and I am an only child. We met on FetLife right before I turned I made the mistake of telling her about the BDSM element, and she is extremely uncomfortable with it, though she denies that it is why she disapproves. My Daddy comes from a middle-class family and has been known to say insensitive shit on occasion about working-class people like my mom and me. Do a couple instances of rudeness make a man an asshole?

Your entire relationship with your boyfriend—from the sound of things—has taken place online. Which is fine—people can forge strong connections online.

This guy played an important and still ongoing role in your sexual development and brought you a lot of joy As for whether your boyfriend is an asshole So even if he is an asshole, he is capable of moderating his assholery, which is something not all assholes can do. As for your mom Got a question for Dan Savage? Call the Savage Love Podcast at or email Dan at mail savagelove.

Offer support? Or pretend he never saw a thing? On the Magnum, did you know that bisexual women are huffin' and puffin' that delicious weed way more than straight women? Why would this be? In this "What You Got? Morgan Philbin from Columbia University to discuss her research. For access to this study, Email Dr. Philbin: mp columbia. Is he gay? Or just working out? Are his smoldering looks being reciprocated? How can he get to the bottom of this sexy mystery?

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This episode is sponsored by Honey- the free browser extension that scans the web for coupon codes and discounts while you shop online. Go to JoinHoney. It's your typical story: Man has sex with girl who has only 2 fingers on one of her hands. Man never calls girl again because he only wanted casual sex anyway.

Did you get it?

Years later, man feels guilty for not calling girl with disability because he worries she will think he ghosted her because of her weird hand. Man calls homosexual sex advice podcaster for absolution. A man and his wife are embarking on some sex club explorations. Dan chats with the man about how to stay safe and keep his head together and his marriage strong.

Also, there is talk of glory holes. On the Magnum, Dan chats with Michael Seligman, co-host of "Mob Queens" a podcast about some deliciously sordid gay history. Finally, a woman was hooking up with a guy who came on her chest and then licked it up.

So far so good. But her friends, including her gay male friends, are grossed out to hear this detail. What is going on here? Why the squick factor? Visit DameProducts. A married woman has just hosted her mother-in-law in their small apartment. After seeing her husband and his mother interact, she just doesn't fell like having any sex at all. How can she clear out the in-law vibes? A woman emerges from sleep in the full throes of an orgasm. But her dream was mundane and not even close to sexy.

What in god's name is going on here? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Dr. Lehmiller of the Kinsey Institute about whether men and women are equally kinky.

Savage love

And, a young man wants to ask out a bunch of women at work. What is the best approach? This episode is brought to you by Doordash. Get breakfast, lunch, dinner and more delivered from your favorite restaurants right to your doorstep with one easy click. A woman's boyfriend used to achieve orgasm with ease. But now he can't come from penetration. The caller worries that in her boyfriend's eyes, she has become the madonna, when she used to be the whore. Dan speaks with a bisexual man, whose first attempt at unicorning yes, we verbbed the word "unicorn," went poorly, mainly due to his straight couple maybe getting a little too drunky?

Anyway, next time will go better, brave unicorn!

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On the Magnum: Dental dams- Nobody uses them. That is the consensus illuminated by Anna Waters of The Atlantic. A gay man is fed up with all the public sex at gay pride parades! It's bad PR! Enough already!

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Will Dan agree? Listen and find out. A woman is planning to marry. When she marries, should they combine their finances? Should she get a prenup?

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On the Magnum, Dan Savage a known homosexual male discusses vaginas with Dr. Jen Gunter. Her new book The Vagina Bible rules and you should buy it and then read it. And, a woman's boyfriend is 13 years older than her and calls himself pansexual. Not surprisingly, it gets more complicated. What do you do when love being single, but also want that new relationship energy?

A woman vents some righteous fury that many women don't find short men attractive. Jean Carroll. She has been writing "Ask E. It exposes the hideous men she's encountered, including our current president. She is a treasure. And, a woman who is recovering from a conservative Christian upbringing wants to please her man.

Savage Love Savage Love
Savage Love Savage Love
Savage Love Savage Love
Savage Love Savage Love
Savage Love Savage Love
Savage Love Savage Love
Savage Love Savage Love

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