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Erik Sandoval , Reporter.

Rum, Whisky, Bourbon and Cognac.

The incident happened Friday as Evelyn Circeo said she was trying to return home to Boston. Circeo told News 6 her baby spit up formula in the restroom shortly before the flight. When she boarded the plane, she asked for an aisle seat.

Circeo said another flight attendant told her she needed to leave the aircraft because her baby was sick. Nothing's wrong with my baby. He spit up.

Circeo said she walked off the airplane as other passengers urged the flight attendant to let her stay on board. We are working directly with the guest to resolve any concerns.

More forceful forms of the phrase may be constructed by the interposition of modifiers, including "shut the hell up" and "shut the fuck up". If used incorrectly, or out of context Jerkface : Baby, I'm so sorry for being such an a-hole to you Spit it unknown.

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Phrase normally yelled at platonic couples by obnoxious friends, followed by the most disgusting spitting sound you can possibly make. Short for spitting your game.

John: "hey Sally! Man, Spit-it had a mouth full of smegma last night from a 4 year old's gooch.

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Spit and Spirit Spit and Spirit
Spit and Spirit Spit and Spirit
Spit and Spirit Spit and Spirit
Spit and Spirit Spit and Spirit
Spit and Spirit Spit and Spirit

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