The Black Mussolini

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Children marching. Large group of children perform a drill routine in a stadium. Mussolini hading out papers to a crowd. He has promised a bonus to any newlywed couple that has a baby within a year.

CU of two babies laying close to each other in a maternity ward, followed by a MS of several dozen newborns packed together on a table, a nurse using baby powder on them. Followed by a wider MS of the same as last shot but a gurney with an even dozen babies is rolled onscreen. Tight LS of wheat farmers and a baler at work. MS of il Duce working with the farmers, followed by a CU as well.

Montage of Benito at public events. MS's and tight LS's of Benito: working with a pickaxe; paving cement; snow skiing without a shirt on ; sledding also without a shirt ; parachuting; also features several cutaways of the jubilant spectators mostly women. Mussloini with his children, Mussolini on a sailboat.

MS's of Claretta Patacci sp? MS of Mussolini on one knee, playing with a lion cub. Crowd of soldiers, singin a national song.

CU of Mussolini singing. Mussolini in dress uniform arrives at the Vatican. Mussolini sigining a treaty, walking around the Vatican. MS of giant church bells ringing.

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MS, travelling backwards, of an amassed crowd on an Italian street. Crowd cheering. Facists Youth parade. Military parade, Mussloini revierws troops. Military parade. CU of Mussolini as he watches parade. MS's of Hitler and Mussolini meeting for the first time.

MS's of Hitler and Mussolini, low angle, of the two standing on a balcony; Hitler looks gaunt and tame while Mussolini prances and behaves like a lion. Mussolini stands alone on a balcony, shouting to the crowd, while Hilter stands on a side balcony. Montage of Benito inspecting his Italian field troops, artillery, tanks, etc. Benito with binoculars and field marshalls.

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Mussolini warns Hilter not to move into Austria. He moves troops to Austrian border. Italian troops deploy for Ethiopia. Montage : tight LS's of Ethiopian warriors on camels, tanks rolling, travelling tight LS, face on, of charging Ethopian troops, CU's of knives and spears being sharpened; Italian machine gun nests bursting fire, MS of Italian soldiers in gas masks firing from a trench. Hailie Salessie flees. Italian nighttime victory celebration. Travelling MS of Hitler and dozens of Nazi soldiers standing at a rail station cam angle from train.

MS of Hitler and Mussolini shaking hands at the rail station.

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Tight LS of Italian soldiers marching in their version of the German goosestep. MS's of Mussolini and Hitler planning in a war room with their chiefs of staff. Munich confernce is arranged. Various shots of the Munich Conference.

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The Blitzkeig on Poland. CU, head on and level shot, of a Nazi soldier lying on the ground; he brings a pair of binoculars up. LS's of missles being fired followed by the requisite explosions. Ends with LS's of the German soldiers advancing. The Italian advance in Africa is stymied; enter the Panzer Corps. Brief desert battle montage between the Brits and Germans. The defeat at El Alamein. Tight LS of abandoned tanks in the African desert.

Allied troops invade Italy. Mussolini and Hitler meet for the last time, shortly after il Duce's deposement. Allied forces invade Rome. MS of an illustration of il Duce, painted on a wall, being pelted by tomatoes; cutaway to a MS of Italian people throwing the tomatoes. LS's of bombed-out buildings, entire districts in urban areas of Italy. The 18th edition of the Marrakech Film Festival Nov.

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The fest is also reinforcing its industry presence this year through the second edition of the Atlas Workshops, sponsored by Netflix, which [ Insiders add the studio has dated the film for a Dec. The release date puts in prime position for another awards season run for Chazelle, who [ The opening ceremony of the first edition of the Gangneung International Film Festival was dominated by a tribute to the French film scout and festival selector Pierre Rissient, who died in May The new festival, km from Seoul, counts former Busan festival co-founder Kim Dong-ho as its chairman and former Bucheon festival head [ It examines themes of grief, domestic violence, substance abuse and modern-day pressures on kids to succeed.

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The Black Mussolini The Black Mussolini
The Black Mussolini The Black Mussolini
The Black Mussolini The Black Mussolini
The Black Mussolini The Black Mussolini
The Black Mussolini The Black Mussolini

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