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In our suffering, in our sorrow, in inexplicable grief, for which we have mostly questions and few answers, turn to God in prayer. He just cries out, and He quotes the first verse of Psalm 22 out of a sense of desperation. Why are you so far from saving me, from the words of my groaning? What about this? Nancy: So he turns in prayer to God. He lifts up his complaint to God. And then he also does that third step of lament, which is to ask boldly. Where do you see that in this psalm? Mark: Correct. Nancy: And that asking boldly, in our process of lament, ultimately has to turn to trust in the promises of God even before we see the outcome.

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How do we see that in this psalm of lament? On you was I cast from my birth. It calls us to call upon the truths that we know are true, despite what I feel right now. Nancy: And as you get to the latter part of this psalm, it just begs you to see Sunday is coming!

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Resurrection is coming! And beyond that, the victory of Christ over sin and Satan and the redeeming grace of Christ. So He begins to turn to praise. This is about what God intends to do with My suffering to bring redemption to the whole wide world. We think, My pain is the only pain , or this suffering is not going to have good purposes to it.

And that, from a lament standpoint, is what this language is designed to do. Nancy: Yes. He has done it. On the cross, Jesus finished the work that God gave Him to do. And so, as we look at our suffering, we realize that there is a day when, because of Christ, our suffering will be finished. This suffering is not the end of the story. Jesus bought the right to make it right. And Jesus, on Good Friday and through the Easter weekend, made all that hope possible.

So we are making that book available to any listener today who makes a donation of any amount to help us continue the ministry of Revive Our Hearts. What a wonderful little solo show - beautifully scripted and acted. Dorothy is brought to life and given a voice at last, her language powerfully evoking the spirit of the Lakes as she faces the dilemma of a real-life 'love triangle'. Bravo to all involved, especially writer Jane Sunderland and actor Gillian Massey - you brought a tear to my eye An excellent show - the language echoes the beauty of Lake District and Dorothy's conflicting moods of peaceful contentment and internal angst are superbly portrayed.

Like some other reviewers I am also now intrigued by the Lake Poets, especially to find and celebrate Dorothy's overlooked until now contribution. Brilliantly done all round, a beautiful way to start a day at the Fringe! Small but perfectly formed production. The writing was beautiful - capturing the personal and the poetic. The actor's performance was captivating.

Would definitely recommend as a great start for a day at the Festival. Well done! A touching insight into the life of both Wordsworths. The poetry speaking volumes and the fells speaking for themselves. Left wanting more, which is always good. A good way to start to a day at the Fringe.

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  6. Enjoyable, touching and thought-provoking solo show Gillian Massey gives a great performance as Dorothy. It makes you want to go away and find out more about the characters. A wee gem! See this show if you can. Nuanced and gripping story-line from Dorothy's perspective that portrays the dependencies, typical for women at that time, on relationships with men-folk to create space for personal development, self-expression and for Dorothy happiness.

    Dorothy knows her brother's marriage will change their relationship. She has so much to lose and few positive options. As well as a compelling narrative, it seems like there is a lot of historical accuracy here. ST: Exactly! Yeah, right. And that's exactly it too. Especially in sort of the musical alternative world. It's the same thing.

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    Nobody wants to say whether they were right or wrong because, you know, it helps me grow, and I'm a different person, and all that stuff. That guy, to be perfectly blunt, came about after the song was largely written. I knew what I wanted to do with it, but then I was faced with a chorus that had a very sophisticated rhyme scheme that had a certain pattern developing.

    I need a name with a certain number of syllables that rhymed with other words. Basically the name is kind of a fill in the blank puzzle.


    A rather self-absorbed chap with a very long name just got word that it's his time to die. Now, before he puts on the pinewood pajamas, he's having second thoughts about all the time he's spent in various self-help movements trying to get in touch with his feelings. Reality keeps intruding in the chorus, courtesy of the still, small voice of God.

    I think it was more directed to people who spend their who life trying to find theirselves and figure out what's going to make them happy. This is no secret that we live in a very self-absorbed and self-obsessed society, and the way we treat our relationships and the way we treat our families all has to do with "how does this make me feel? Steve Taylor: Right, right, good question!

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    Man, I hate to burst people's bubble on this one, but I guess I have to. What happened was, there's a song on the Squint record called--I can't even remember the guy's name--"The Lament of Desmond R.

    Underwood-Fredrick IV.

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