The Queen of the Dying Light

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It is good to use Survivor Sense here. Also, be ready to fight some zombies. You won't meet Volatiles here, but you will have to deal with several Runners and Bombers. To reach the last two Mushrooms, you have to jump onto the shelves that are quite far away, so prepare yourself for the jump. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Dying Light Guide.

SQ06: Witch Queen

Game Guide. Side quests - The Slums. Table of Contents. An example of a mushroom that can be found in the cave.

The Queen of the Dying Light: Tudor Chronicles 6

Dying Light Guide Game Guide. Melee weapons Firearms Throwing weapons The use of parkour and environment elements Death and its consequences. Main quests - The Slums. Main quests - Old Town. Main quests - Antenna.

Map Broadcast - part 2. Main quests - Old Town 2. Catrinellia bustled about the long, low table, bossing servants in the Coritani palace's great hall. Her regal bearing, so steadily in evidence as a Celtic queen, had momentarily been intercepted by a strong desire to personally oversee preparations for tonight's banquet. To this end, she fussed at the servants, instructing one to exchange a silver serving platter with carefully sculpted inlaid fish swimming after each other around the rim for a larger, more elaborate, gold one with warriors and chariots, spears at the ready, engaging in battle; another, to bring out a larger serving bowl, one with chunks of amber embedded in the sides and exquisitely chiseled animal heads with coral-studded eyes peering out from under the rim; and, yet another, to set out more wine flagons.

The Silures would arrive this afternoon and Catrinellia knew the importance of a favorable meeting. As queen to the Coritani chieftain Votorix, she knew an alliance with the Silures would help to strengthen the security of the Coritani against the threat of their more warlike southern neighbors the Cautevellani. But, everyone knew how difficult it was to get two Celtic chieftains to agree, especially on politics.

Catrinellia hoped that a great, welcoming feast, in the true Celtic tradition, would soften the Silures.

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The Silures contingent was an important one. Cunobelinus himself was coming, chief of a tribe that, under his great-grandfather, had stood against the Roman army nearly a hundred years before. Caractacus, his oldest son and royal heir, would be there as well, along with Venutius, a royal ward from the Iberian Deceangli tribe, and the most elite nobles and most honored generals.

She lifted the skirts of her long olive-grey tunic slightly to whisk her tall, agile body more efficiently over the expanse of the high-ceilinged great hall's clay floors. She must check the pantry and the larder, and make certain that the hearth was readied and the spits prepared.

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In the hallway outside the great hall, her daughter, the princess Boudicca, stood peering in at the flurry of preparations. To Boudicca, newly-turned sixteen, it was too soon to practice the formalities of queenly duties, at least on a regular basis.

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Her brother Mandorix, ten years her junior, who so often pestered her for a game of hide the boar's tooth, was at play in the palace courtyard. She turned and slipped unnoticed down the hallway and out the palace's great front iron gates. The city of the Celtic Coritani tribe stood on a hill overlooking the fertile plains of the northern British countryside.

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Laid out in the typical Celtic manner, its palace was at one end, its merchants' and artisans' shops and homes lined the narrow streets at the other, and the homes of its nobility and military leaders were set off to the side. The city looked out over a large expanse of fields and farmers' small, round, thatched clay huts. The fields, rich with grain, were interspersed with large and modest herds of cattle, pigs, and flocks of sheep. It also overlooked the Devon River, which ran down to the North Sea, and which brought succulent fish of all types to the Coritani table.

Boudicca passed through the large, open gate of the stone and timber walls which surrounded the city, with a slow, measured stride.


But, as soon as she reached the steep hillside which gave rise to the city, and gazed down upon the meadow which stretched below it, she broke into the run which had given her so much childish pleasure. As she raced down the hillside toward the sacred grove at the far end of the meadow, Boudicca thought of Diviticus. He would be certain to be full of news after his journey to the Isle of Mona for the Druids' annual meeting.

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  • And, she would be the first to hear it, even before her father.

    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light The Queen of the Dying Light
    The Queen of the Dying Light

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