Visions of Jewish Education

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Our educational approach appreciates and affirms differences in Jewish philosophy and background and values the range of Jewish religious practices among its students. At Chicago Jewish Day School, Jewish tradition informs our curriculum, calendar, celebrations, and daily schedule. We are committed to transmitting an in-depth knowledge of sacred Jewish texts and rituals, tradition and customs, and Jewish history. Our students gain fluency in reading, speaking, and understanding Hebrew language and literature, both classical and modern. Students also discover how to have a significant and joyful relationship with God, how to pray as a Jew, and to appreciate the centrality of Israel — the people and the land.

Through this knowledge and experience, our students build meaningful Jewish lives. We are equally dedicated to excellence in our General Studies program, encompassing language arts, mathematics, social and natural sciences, the humanities and technology. Our school operates as a community of learners with students, teachers, and families all partaking in the educational process.

Our teachers and school staff care deeply about the school, the children with whom they work, and Jewish education. Because we believe that students are inspired by adults who appreciate learning and who pursue their own emotional, intellectual, and religious growth, the school encourages and provides ongoing educational opportunities for teachers, parents and all community members.

Please note: not all stock is available in all stores. This book looks at the philosophical consideration of Jewish existence in our time, as reflected in Jewish education, its alternative visions, its purposes and instrumentalities, the values it should serve, and the personal and social character it ought to foster.

Visions of Israel Education: The Place of Israel in United States Jewish Supplementary Schools

Prevalent conceptions and practices of Jewish education are neither sufficiently reflective nor thoroughgoing enough to meet the multiple challenges that the world now poses to Jewish existence and continuity. New efforts are needed to develop an education of the future that will honor the riches of the Jewish past and grasp the opportunities of fruitful interactions with the general culture of the present.

To promote such efforts, six leading scholars in this book formulate their variant visions of an ideal Jewish education for the contemporary world. This book also translates these visions into educational practice and, finally, articulates a vision abstracted from a case study of a school's ongoing practice.

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Visions: Past, Present, Future

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Visions of Jewish education

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    Visions of Jewish Education Visions of Jewish Education
    Visions of Jewish Education Visions of Jewish Education
    Visions of Jewish Education Visions of Jewish Education
    Visions of Jewish Education Visions of Jewish Education
    Visions of Jewish Education Visions of Jewish Education
    Visions of Jewish Education Visions of Jewish Education

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