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Since the release of the special edition prison editions of the Life Recovery Bible in July , more than 10, copies have been provided to prisoners across the country. Offered in English and Spanish, the Bibles are easy to read and understand. The large-print format is invaluable to the aging prison population, and in cases where cell lighting is poor. Over the years, Inside Journal has received numerous letters from men and women behind bars longing to receive their own Bible.

Here are a few examples:. I have no one to send me any Bible or mail, and I would really appreciate it. I used to be a drug addict, and I think the recovery Bible will help with my new journey with the Lord. I never read the Bible until I came to prison this third time around, and what I can say is what a learning experience it is. I would like [an Inside Journal Bible] please. Because right now I do not have [a Bible]. Thank you so much, and may God bless you.

Since its founding in , Tyndale House Publishers has been a voice to trust for generations of readers. Today, Tyndale is one of the largest independent publishers in the world. Tyndale publishes the Holy Bible, New Living Translation NLT and offers nonfiction books that equip readers with Christ-centered insight, counsel, and life-improving stories. In addition, Tyndale publishes fiction from fresh, new voices and celebrated authors alike, capturing the imagination of millions of readers.

The organization was founded in by Charles Colson, a former aide to President Nixon who served a seven-month sentence for a Watergate-related crime. Our mission is simple.

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In an attempt to follow the teachings of Christ, we take the Gospel to those who are incarcerated for committing crimes and who desperately need its message. Take your inheritance—the kingdom reserved for you since the foundations of the world. Our chief methods are conducting worship services, directing individual Bible studies and providing counseling as requested by inmates.

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Some of our volunteers also grade written lessons from Bible correspondence courses and provide books for inmates. Jeff also serves as chaplain for the center. The facility has a capacity to house inmates. Annually the jail ministry, as it is known, has an average of baptisms. At Varner the average daily inmate count is 1, and at Tucker These facilities average for worship and more than 30 for weekly classes.

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Free Bible Offer for Prisoners Ignites Hope in Dark Places

Although the mission is the same for the jail and prison ministries, the environments at the units create significantly different responses from inmates. At the White County Detention Center the population is more transient and prisoners more receptive to religion and the Bible—and more open to changing their lives. Thus there are a significant number of baptisms and services are well attended.

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  5. The environment at the state facilities creates a very different situation for volunteers. Inmates are serving much longer sentences and are reluctant to attend services or stay committed to long-term Bible studies.

    Oscar Pistorius has become a spiritual leader within his South African prison

    Nevertheless, Rick and Jeff have planted churches behind the prison bars, though the number of annual baptisms rarely surpasses three or four. Although the work is more challenging in state prisons, the College Church is working with success in mission fields relatively close to home.


    College Church members have also worked in at least two other facilities: the Cummins Unit, a prison farm housing more than 1, inmates, and the McPherson Unit, a correctional facility near Newport, Arkansas, housing more than women. Another way the College Church is impacting jail and prison ministries within the state is its efforts to recruit workers from other congregations around the state.

    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner
    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner
    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner
    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner
    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner
    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner
    White Bible #4: Prisioner White Bible #4: Prisioner

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